Toothpaste - Spit It Out

There is a reason why you should spit out toothpaste rather than swallow it - most toothpaste is bad for you.

Look at the ingredients in your toothpaste. Many brands sold on supermarket shelves contain a host of unfriendly substances - flourides, detergent, fragrances, colours, and preservatives.

Yes, I listed flouride in the bad substances. Flouride is actually quite dangerous. It is absorbed and retained within the body, and can cause many problems. Our exposure to flouride needs to be minimal and controlled.
Toothpaste is an issue of concern as most people use toothpaste twice a day. When we put toothpaste into our mouth, it contacts our teeth, gums and mucous membranes. Obviously, some of the material in the toothpaste will be absorbed in the mouth. Sometimes we swallow some toothpaste and it is absorbed in our digestive tract.

You may notice that some toothpaste brands have a warning not to swallow and to keep out of reach of small children (as they are likely to swallow toothpaste).

There are some brands of toothpaste that do not contain dangerous chemicals. I personally changed to a safe brand after investigating this. If you would like to know which brand I chose, contact us.

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